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Sign Frames

Yard sign frames can make all the difference in the effectiveness of your campaign. You put a lot of time and attention in to making sure your yard sign looks exactly as your customer wishes. Wouldn’t it be a shame if most of them ended up bent over in the wind?  They could, if you aren’t equally cautious of your sign stands.  

Polybag Planet's sign frames are just that, high carbon, galvanized, spring steel.  When the wind hits your customer’s signs, you know they’re going to bounce right back!   Because our wholesale sign frames are galvanized steel, your customer won’t have to worry about old fashioned oily messes, or rust, as with most yard sign wires. 

Wire Sign StandsPerhaps the greatest test of yard sign wires is corrugated plastic.  It does not give.  It requires yard sign wire frames that will both penetrate and ground and be small enough to slide in to the corrugated plastic.  Because so many companies try to make one yard sign stake fit all, their yard sign frames are just 9ga.  We have traditional “H” wire yard sign stands available, but you will probably prefer something more like our 8ga, galvanized, spring steel Stout Stands.  They can be set further apart, for a broader base of support and reduced leverage from the wind.  Stout Stakes, wire frames for signs, are more affordable, thicker, tougher, lighter (shipping) and are less likely to bend because their temper has not been compromised by tack welding low carbon steel.

For those who need something taller, or perhaps to carry a rider, Polybag Planet offers the ultimate in yard sign frames.  It’s called The Stout Stand.  With 7ga wire throughout the base, and both a step for your foot as well as a bar for your hand, these sign frames are made for the toughest conditions.  Because they are so heavy-duty, they truly are portable sign stands.  They aren’t going to bend and become worthless as soon as you pull them out of the ground a few times.  The Stout Stands are truly metal sign frames, not merely sign stakes, or sign wires. 

Stout Stand Stubby Stout Stand Stubby Stout Stand
Do you want your sign to sway in the breeze?  Polybag Planet's’ “L” wire sign stakes are affordable and effective.  These metal sign frames are great to reinforce larger sign installations as well.  Metal frames for signs larger than 24” X48” will keep the wind from buckling or bowing your signs because they too are made of galvanized, high carbon, spring steel.

Whatever Wholesale Yard Sign Frames you choose, you can offer the best value with high carbon, spring steel sign frames.  Call or write today!

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