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Lawn Signs

Lawn SignsNot every new business has the capital to spend on pricey print and online advertising especially in these tough economic times. Small business owners need to make more savvy choices about the ways that they spend  their money. If you’re client is spending money on one time advertising that doesn’t really gather them that much business, then they might be interested in yard / lawn signs. Lawn signs can be custom printed to promote their message while still being affordable and reusable. These days it’s important to know that they’re getting the most out of their advertising dollars. Yard / lawn signs can be moved and cleaned easily to let them try out different locations.

They’ve probably seen the yard / lawn signs that are in use by other businesses. They are typically stuck into the ground on busy intersections and in the lawns of loyal customers. These signs can be colorful or simple but they will always convey your clients business name and a way to get in touch with them. You’d be surprised at how long people will spend looking at these yard / lawn signs while they are waiting for the light to change; much longer than an expensive television commercial or phone book advertisement!

Yard and lawn signs are one of the few methods of advertising that draw in potential clients who are on the move. Clients pass these signs every time they commute to work, when they are stopped at a red light or just observing the scenery while driving by someone’s home. Because clients read lawn signs while mobile, signs convey only the most important messages. If done right, these yard signs are easy to remember. Small businesses can use these signs to build up their presence in the community.


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