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Job Site Signs

Job site signs may be the best referral source your business will ever have.  Sure, your clients sales people should ask prospects and existing customers for referrals but most people don’t know many of their neighbors.  Those neighbors are the ones that are seeing your clients quality workmanship as the transformation takes place.  No one could be more impressed (seeing is believing).  These “strangers” aren’t likely to visit your client to find out how to reach you.  Many of your clients vehicles either aren’t marked, or won’t be there, when neighbors are home from work.  That’s where a job site sign or contractor sign makes all the difference.

Job Site SignsYou are probably aware that entire neighborhood tends to be remodeled every twenty years.  One person starts and soon others feel compelled to follow.  Your clients sales people should be leaving flyers for a few blocks around every sale, but nothing will work harder to generate more opportunities to bid, than a cheap job site sign.  Why should your clients prospects look anywhere else when they can see the contractor sign for the quality work on their neighbor’s house?  The next time one of your clients crews leaves for a job site, make sure they take a job site sign or contractor sign to put up before they begin working.   Why not add a few directional arrows on the corners as well?  They work well for realtors.

Do your clients have a problem with part timers and unlicensed contractors providing poor workmanship in your area?  There couldn’t be a better way to tell the world that theirs is high quality work, performed by licensed and bonded crews, than with a job site sign.

A cheap contractor sign will remain on the job long after your crew leaves for the day.  They are so affordable; it’s silly to take them when you leave.  Leave them up, your client won’t mind showing off the fact that they’ve had some quality remodeling or repair done.  The owner will probably leave it up until the next lawn mowing.  That means repeated exposure to your ideal prospects.  No amount of television, newspaper, direct mail or door knocking can do better, for less.

Often we are asked about the homeowner who refuses to post a yard sign.  Since the issue should never come up before they have a signed order and the work begun, just tell them their price is based on being able to advertise with a sign on their lawn.  One large contractor in our area actually advertises, “We’re so proud of our workmanship we put a sign on your front lawn.”  If you do business with them, you can expect a sign.


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